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[Closed] How to write your appeal?  


〉Appeal for an unban/unmute

So, your account is banned/muted on the server and you would like to join/speak again. We can fix that. But we need you to fill in this form.
The appeal must be completely truthful, otherwise, it will be declared invalid immediately. We can read all the server logs and ban data.
You can see all info you need when you try to login/chat or check the ban database.

NOTE: You do not have to appeal when your ban/mute is temporary!


Please copy the text underneath and create a new topic here.

1. What is your ingame name?

2. What are you appealing for?
ban / IP ban / mute / IP mute

3. Who banned/muted you?

4. What is the reason you got banned/muted?

5. Where are you banned?

6. Do you think this ban is correct?

7. Why should your ban be reserved?

8. Upload additional evidence by attaching a file below ⬇️

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