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How to play

Enter our club using your GameMenu or by typing /server BlockParty.
Once you’re in the club simply walk up to the stage and select the party you want to join.

Now you can choose the song you want the DJ to play using your Song requester in your inventory slot 8.
Remember to connect your Minecraft account to the webclient to hear the music you’re dancing on!

When the game starts, you’ll be teleported to the dancefloor.
The objective is simple, don’t fall off the dancefloor.
Every few seconds a random color is chosen and will be announced to you. You can see the color in your chat, and in your inventory.
You’ll have a few seconds to make it to that color before all the other colors disappear – causing you to fall off the floor, unless you’re on the right color.

During the game the time between the next color, and the time before the floor disappeares gets shorter and shorter.

We’ve also added some powerups for you to make it a little easier.
These powerups will spawn randomly. To get the powerup, dance to it and punch them to get the special ability!

Useful links

» Web client to hear music

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