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〉Report players

Nobody likes players who break the rules. We're trying our best to punish every rule breaker on our servers, but we can use your help.
If you see somebody who's breaking the rules. You can report them here!
NOTE: It is always allowed to report a player in-game and on the forums to get full coverage and add evidence.


〉Reporting in-game

When you and the player you would like to report are online on the network, you can simply report them without leaving the game.
Simply type: /report [player] [reason].
Thats all you have to do, our online staff will get notified and get to work.


〉Reporting on the forums

If you would like to report someone who isn't online on the network, or you would like to add some screenshots as evidence, you can simply create a new report on the forums. Please copy the text underneeth and create a new topic here.

1. What is your ingame name?

2. Who would you like to report?

3. Specify the server where you want to report the player.

4. What is the reason for your report?

5. Upload additional evidence by attaching a file below ⬇️

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