How to lock chests/...

[Closed] How to lock chests/doors  


Step 1
Place a chest/door you want to lock.


Step 2
Place a sign on the block you want to lock. This automatically claims the container.
If you want to add people, proceed to step 4.


Step 3
If you immediately want to add people, shift + right click on the block you want to lock.
Put [Private] on the first line, your name on the second line. And the names of your friends on line 3 and 4.


Step 4
If you want to change a line on the sign, right click on the sign you want to edit and type "/blocklocker <line> <new input>"
Example: /blocklocker 3 S_Weel


ใ€‰Extra info:

  • Want to add more than 2 people to your chest/door? Place an extra sign using shift + right click.
    Put [More users] on the first line, on the 2nd, 3th and 4th lines you can place your friend's names.
  • You think a sign on a door is ugly? Place the sign on the block underneeth or above the door
  • Want to use a hopper underneeth your chest? Or want your door to be locked, but also be able to open it with redstone?
    Add the tag [Redstone] on one of the lines to activate redstone interaction.
  • You can lock chests, doors, shulkerboxes, furnaces, hoppers, dispensers, droppers, anvils, beacons, brewing stands, craftingtables, jukeboxes.
  • All chests/doors inside claims are protected from outstanders by default, but you can still lock them to moderate who can open it.
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