Build yourself a nice home and try to become the most successful player of the server

How to play

Connect to Survival using your GameMenu or by typing /server Survival.
Start of by grabbing your free /kit starter and start chopping some trees!

We have a lot of fun custom plugins in our survival server like the Fisherman, the Repairman and their friends. You can find them in the /spawn.

You can protect your home against griefers with WorldGuard. Don’t know how to claim? Take a look at the tutorial on our forums. Looking for other tutorials? You can find everything on the forums.

For the rest, it’s just regular survival like you know it.

Survival forums

Take a look at the Survival forums for detailed plugin information and useful tutorials!

Go to the forums


The dynmap is disabled due to server lag. It will be available within a few weeks!

Open the map